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Pricing For Any Need
Standard, Plus, & Premium

Pricing doesn't need to be secret or complex.  If you have a complex environment or a special need gives us a call and talk with one of our experts.  We have a solution for you and your budget.

How many applications do you have to scan?
Web application URL(s) without authentication
How many IP addresses do you have to scan?
Active IP's, website, server, hosts, workstation or laptop
IP Addresses
Billed at $0 per year
For 0 application and 0 infrastructure licenses
Dedicated project manager
Up to Clarity 3 user accounts
Scans scheduled at the 1st of the month
Microsoft Teams-based support (US hours)
Industry-certified and US-based pentester (no off-shoring- or third-parties)
Access to Emagined's Clarity platform
Online report delivery
Pricing dictated by the number of assets selected (e.g., web application URL or IP address)
Standard testing includes automated and manual scans and some validation of vulnerabilities. Some assessment and analysis may be performed. This is the minimal version of the test.
Billed at $0 per year
For 0 application and 0 infrastructure licenses
Everything in the standard package plus the following:
Dedicated engagement team (project manager, account manager, pentester)
Up to 10 Clarity user accounts
Scans scheduled based on business needs
Live support (US hours)
Advanced Attack Surface Management
Check for Zero-Days
Top Ten Trending Vulnerabilities
False positive/false negative tuning
Asset Discovery
Optional compliance checks (PCI, HIPAA, etc.)
Custom SLAs
Billed at $0 per year
For 0 application and 0 infrastructure licenses
Everything in our first two packages plus the following:
Assessment of  enterprise-level or converged environments (web, mobile, cloud, network, ICS/SCADA, etc.)
Testing of complex or headless applications (e.g. API, thick client, IoT, embedded, websocket, etc.)
Access to support through email/Teams/Slack
Enhanced exploit development
Social Engineering
Physical Security Assessments
Internal testing
Dedicated scoping session with an Emagined expert
Manual validation
Remediation guidance from the Emagined resource team

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