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Expand Your Vision with
recurring security assessments

Gain visibility across your attack surface, understand risk, and accelerate your response to threats.

Everything you need to organize findings across your attack surface.

Find...  Assign...  Track...  Fix...  Report

Work with the workflow...

Every assessment actioned and managed in one place

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  1. Scan:  You choose what we scan, when we scan, and how often we scan.

  2. Assign:  Scan results are then ingested by Clarity so you can review and assign the findings.

  3. Remediate:  Once findings are assigned you can get to work remediating those findings.

  4. Report & Analyze:  Dig into the details or look at the trends so that you can satisfy both executive and administrative needs.  Then, get ready for your next scan!

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Visibility Across the Attack Surface

Best of Breed Toolsets

We partnered with Nessus as the tool of choice for discovering and assessing the vulnerability of your assets.  Nessus is an industry leader in accuracy (.23 defects per 1 million scans) and coverage (62,000 CVE) and is the most widely adopted scanner trusted by over 30,000 organizations globally.  We leverage Nessus and combine it with our proprietary findings database, writeups, and templates to deliver actionable and useful results.

Additionally, if you prefer a different tool... Let's chat about it.  Odd's are we can integrate your data into the Clarity Platform.


Optimized Collaboration

The CLARITY dashboard provides an optimized view of your workload when you log in. Assigned findings, reports, and assessments are displayed as interactive widgets for easy access. You can efficiently view, update, and resolve findings right from the dashboard.

The "Recent Reports" section includes direct links to the four reports you viewed most recently. With one click, resume working on priority reports to accelerate remediation.


CLARITY streamlines collaboration with an intuitive interface that lets you pick up where you left off. Manage your vulnerability workload smoothly and efficiently.

Clarity Assign.png
Clarity Remediate.png


Streamlined Remediation Workflow

With CLARITY, you gain a centralized hub to manage the vulnerability lifecycle from discovery to remediation. The user-friendly interface allows your team to work collaboratively and close security gaps faster.


Robust filtering, searching, and automation further enhance efficiency. Experience seamless vulnerability management with CLARITY.  Powered by our PlexTrac backend, you can efficiently validate, update, and resolve findings right from the dashboard.

Report & Analyze

Actionable Insights

The CLARITY platform optimizes the process of transforming raw security data into high-value assessment reports. The intuitive interface streamlines report generation while enhancing quality and insights.

CLARITY leverages our PlexTrac backend to include industry-standard CVSS, CVE, and CWE severity scores, enabling you to seamlessly prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities for remediation. With CLARITY, transform security data into targeted, risk-based analysis with ease.

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