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Managed Collaborative Vulnerability Management

The Guidance You Need to Address Vulnerabilities

Our innovative platform and collaborative delivery model enable us to provide better, more cost-effective protection.

Remove the headache of picking, integrating, and running multiple vulnerability solutions

Uncover vulnerabilities across all digital assets while experts manage the entire process comprehensively, leaving no room for oversight.

Proven workflows ensure that vulnerabilities are addressed promptly, efficiently, and accurately.

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White-glove setup and management

Starts at $150/month

Coverage of over 79k+ CVE

Manage the full vulnerability lifecycle

Expert Vulnerability Assessments and Continuous Pentesting managed by experts in a single platform so you can manage the full vulnerability lifecycle not just pieces of it.

Track Every

Our systematic approach ensures that every finding is accounted for, prioritized, and addressed in a timely manner. Moreover, our solution provides your team the insights needed to take swift and informed action, thereby fortifying your systems against potential breaches.

Collaborate on Remediation

By facilitating real-time communication and data-sharing, our platform ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your security measures.

& Analyze

Our vulnerability management solution excels in reporting and analyzing potential security threats. It generates detailed, user-friendly reports that offer a clear snapshot of your system's security status. These reports are backed by in-depth analyses, providing actionable insights and recommendations.

Collaborative Vulnerability Management

Every assessment and pentest actioned and managed in one place

Clarity Findings.png


We combine vulnerability scanning with our proprietary findings database, writeups, and templates to deliver actionable and useful results.

Clarity Assign.png


Manage your vulnerability workload smoothly and efficiently. Assign findings, reports, and assessments are displayed as interactive widgets for easy access. You can efficiently view, update, and resolve findings right from the dashboard.

Clarity Remediate.png


Gain a centralized hub to manage the vulnerability lifecycle from discovery to remediation. The user-friendly interface allows your team to work collaboratively and close security gaps faster. Efficiently validate, update, and resolve findings right from the dashboard.

Clarity Analytics.png

Report & Analyze

Industry-standard CVSS, CVE, and CWE severity scores, enabling you to seamlessly prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities for remediation. With CLARITY, transform security data into targeted, risk-based analysis with ease.

Experts Included

Our experts will guide you through implementing Clarity so you can get running for your specific configuration and use case.

Assigned Specialist
Assigned Implementation specialist and vulnerability expert.

Custom Reporting

Access to purpose-built reports and data exports to perform the analysis you need.

Extended Remediation

Go beyond standard remediation with deep dive next steps.

Learn the fundamentals

Know the steps to get started quickly with onboarding sessions.

Workflow Optimization

Consulting meetings with the assigned Clarity expert to optimize workflows.


Setup templates, workflows and scheduled recurring vulnerability assessments.

Get a live 1:1 demo

Never start from zero again. With Emagined Clarity Collaborative Vulnerability Management solution get pre-tuned vulnerability management, expert guidance, and reporting.

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