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Collaborative Micro Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity services for the doers

The old way of doing cybersecurity: big team, big budget, complex processes, tool overkill. While your competitors are stuck in complexity, doers get it done with clarity.

Only pay for what you need

Benefit from rapid deployment

Real time adaptation to threats

And so much more...

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Collaborative Virtual CISO Services

Traditional Cybersecurity services leave you paying too much and waiting too long to improve security outcomes—when you’re the underdog competing against larger enterprises this is your big advantage.

Traditional Security


Resource consuming deployments that take months or even years.


Solutions are standardized, offering little room for customization.


Resources are allocated based on “best-guess” anticipated cybercriminal patterns


Continually requires more budget every year to outpace the threats..

Collaborative Security


Deployments are rapid and continuous within weeks or days.


Tailored to the unique risks, requirements, and business goals.


Based on real-time threats and trends.


Breaks down traditional cybersecurity services to on-demand micro-services.

Our Core Collaborative Cybersecurity Services

Emagined has core services that are a combination of Micro Cybersecurity Services to meet your goals and objectives.

Penetration Testing

If you don’t know your exposure how can you protect yourself?

Assessments & Compliance

Take the first step to unlocking your potential by meeting compliance standards.


Deeply connected with your business to outsmart cyber threats and secure your success


Managed Security Services Your comprehensive security program starts here.

A Proven Methodology

Within each Collaborative Service we offer micro services with modular pricing providing security-boosting, growth-driving cybersecurity solutions. 


Start with a single service as your base, then add on services or remove services to customize our offering to fit your needs. Here’s how it works:


Know your current security posture.


Define your required security posture.


Bridge the gap with microservices


Ready to get a new outlook on cybersecurity providers?

There's a "best way" of doing things and an order and organizational aspect that maximizes the impact of your security efforts. Let us show you how collaborative security will help.

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