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Vulnerability Management re-Emagined

Expert Vulnerability Assessments, Pentesting, & Continuous Pentesting managed in a single platform

A Single Platform that manages our entire suite of assessments


Clarity Recurring Vulnerability Assessment

  • Broad assessment & coverage of over 62,000+ CVE

  • White-glove setup and management

  • Zero Day Checks

  • Proactive & Perimeter focused

  • Asset Discovery

  • Network, Application, Cloud Infrastructure

  • Visibility of the entire Attack Surface

  • Most affordable "type" of assessment

  • Continuous Attack Surface Checks

  • Fastest turn-around on reporting/dashboard

  • Track Remediation efforts online


(price starting at $150)


Emagined is a cybersecurity services company that helps organizations manage and reduce cyber risk. Our core offering is the Clarity vulnerability managment platform, which provides comprehensive vulnerability management capabilities across the entire IT environment.

Clarity leverages Emagined's expertise in vulnerability assessments honed over 20+ years. The platform provides continuous discovery, scanning, prioritization, and reporting of vulnerabilities across traditional systems, cloud environments, containers, and internet-facing assets.

Clarity also enables integration with DevOps pipelines to find issues earlier in development. Compliance auditing, intelligent analytics, and collaboration features round out the platform.

Emagined serves various industries and sectors, with customers including major corporations in the Fortune 500, Global 2000, government agencies, and regulated industries.

With powerful technology backed by expert cybersecurity services and support, Emagined helps organizations gain visibility into their attack surface, understand risk, and accelerate response to threats.


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